UOL Lafayette

October 20, 2015 ~ Lafayette Lafayette College, UOL ~ the University presenting Indian Classical Music for the first time in their series. A full house and rave audiences for the maestro.

Chicago Cultural Center


ChWMFBanner2015icago Cultural Center, September 19, 2015 – World Music Festival ~ Kartik Seshadri perfoming a dawn concert at 6 a.m.  ~ greeted by a full house, incredible setting and a beautiful selection of morning Ragas

Kartik and Anindo

20140503 Kartik PCPandit Kartik Seshadri and Pandit Anindo Chatterjee at UCSD’s CPMC ~ May 3, 2014 ~ A sold out house and a magical evening at UCSD’s Conrad Prebys Auditorium left people wanting more.


NWEAMO: nweamoAnimation Film Festival held at the Science Museum IMAX theatre. March 23, 2014: Seshadri performed to “Vishwaroop” a digital abstract masterpiece by esteemed animation director Vibeke Sorensen. The musical improvisation is on the spur with the images as they present themselves.

Varanasi Bhopal Concerts

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Rave Reviews from Festivals in Varanasi & Bhopal, India:  Kartik Seshadri returns to his favorite cities in September 2013 to perform for major festivals and in the midst of a most distinguished and discerning audience to elicit their appreciation and make the headlines for major news publications, Hindi and English: Dainik, The Age, Statesman, Aaj, and others.

India Tour December 26 – January 23, 2013

iosIndia Tour December 26 – January 23, 2013 ~ begins in Kolkata with the Indo Occidental Symbiosis Festival of ICM, Ahmedabad’s SAPTAK festival and culminating in the prestigious Dover Lane Music Conference, Kolkata. This entire tour is offered as an homage to Pandit Ravi Shankar. Check Tour Dates for further information.

Homepage Posts Conrad Prebys UCSD Concert

conrad prebys thumbnailFull house for sitar maestro Kartik Seshadri at UCSD’s Conrad Prebys Music Center on April 11, 2012, sweeping the audience on a journey through classical Indian ragas that evoked a range of moods, from quiet and thoughtful to bursting with joy. The synergy between Seshadri and tabla virtuoso Arup Chattopadhyay was supernatural, and the performers were honored with an ovation that lasted several minutes. Afterwards, we floated out to our cars and returned to the material world.       Dirk Sutro, UCSD Publicity