The State of the Arts – Indian Classical Music: A Wounded Tradition

An incisive article in the Mumbai Mirror regarding the culture of Hindustani Music. We need more voices of concern regarding our musical culture that is largely dominated by a star system that is based not on true musical values but branding and media presence. The music festivals are mostly run by powerful (famous) personalities, their sycophants and crony groups who monopolize venues. The inside politics of our musical world run by a musical mafia culture is unknown to audiences, and it’s become a way of controlling the careers and opportunities of many brilliant talents who don’t toe the line or pander to the establishment. There’s a lot of hypocrisy and ferocious levels of “chamchagiri” that are needed to gain a stage. There is a constant barrage of fake values like guru Bhakti, humility, gharana, and a deification of personality figures that are spun and self-serving. The worst is the complete carelessness about the future of our music. How can Hindustani music survive when merely family, progeny and self are promoted over music and merit? How can our music bear the brunt of cheesy marketing and legacy pedaled as tradition? There is little if any questioning of issues that once framed the values and substance of our music. Now in a world that is confused, an individual can actually be chastised for speaking the truth about something horrifically wrong and what is happening within the system! #hindustanimusicmafia, #hindustanimusic, #hindustanimusiccronyism, #hindustanimusicchamchagiri, #hindustanimusicsycophants


Mumbai Mirror Article: